Housing Market Information in a portable format

  • What is the price level in a specific area?
  • Are there many homes for sale?
  • How to finance your property?

A leading Danish mortgage provider, Totalkredit, gives potential home buyers the answers in an efficient tool which just a click away provides an instant overview of a given geographic area. A tool right at your fingertips, which also brings value to existing home owners who want to keep up with market trends.

The Totalkredit solution is a smartphone app developed in collaboration with e-nettet and RealView™

Once the app is activated, the user's geographical position is registered. This actual position is used as the basis for the information content in the app.

Among others the app allows the user to see the current price level of traded properties, have current homes for sale presented and make a mortgage calculation - quickly, accurately and efficiently.

The Totalkredit app is free and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. Search "Totalkredit".

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