Supporting professional market players in decision making and carrying out advisory services – Ejendomsrapporterne® - productivity tool for real estate agents

The increased transparency in the housing market brings buyers and sellers of homes more knowledge about the market than ever before.

Consequently the professional advisers and real estate agents are expected to have an even better insight into the market conditions.

For a real estate agent it is crucial to be able to present relevant and reliable thorough knowledge for instance to a future home seller – a knowledge more comprehensive than trivial information about price development history and turnover rate which is found on more or less “every corner” on the Internet.

Since 2002 and in collaboration with e-nettet, RealView™ has provided professional market players with information solutions to meet these particular needs. Solutions using the most comprehensive database in the market and designed to be exactly the tool that supports professionals in their work for the benefit of customers and bringing value to all parties.

More information on our solutions is available at, which daily serves the Danish real estate agents and advisors or use