Market overview and documentation for loan providers - Ejendomspriser® - solution for supporting valuation of properties

Through times of serious market changes it becomes even more crucial that the valuation of properties on the basis of which loans are provided is trustworthy – for instance in times of a financial crisis.

It is crucial that the most detailed, accurate and updated reference basis as possible is provided when professional mortgage lenders and assessors decide on valuations and loan providing.

For this purpose e-nettet and RealView ™ has developed a certain solution - Ejendomspriser® – this solution is on a daily basis used by professional mortgage lenders, bankers and real estate agents.

To support if or not to grant a loan on the basis of a specific property, Ejendomspriser is used to support this decision. The property referred to acts as the center in a search selection on the basis of which, Ejendomspriser brings forward all relevant information details about properties in the neighborhood being comparable to the property in focus and thus supporting the valuation of this specific property. The information report created in Ejendomspriser afterwards serves taking the loan case to a conclusion.

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