Statistical property valuation – Boligprismodellen® Real Estate Model

For the financial sector, solvency reporting such as loan to value statements are among the most crucial and vital business processes. Regulations, f.i. Basel, must be complied with and the more efficient and accurate the assets are valuated, the more funds can be released for profitable business activities.

e-nettet and RealView™ have pushed the boundaries of quality of statistical valuation and now offer this service with a number of compelling performance guarantees.

Our product is called Boligprismodellen®/Real Estate Model and is the result of a long and thorough research and development process. The Real Estate Model is optimized on an on-going basis. Mortgage providers and bankers are using the model to achieve productivity and risk reduction advantages.

Boligprismodellen/Real Estate Model is the result of the most ambitious development project around statistical evaluation of real estate and sets new standards for the use and calibration of the property market's largest data material collected and refined over more than 10 years and available in the RealView™ database.

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